Prayer as transgression?

The question, ‘prayer as transgression?’, which is the title of our project, has often been read as a statement. The question itself has raised various responses including, ‘prayer is not negative’ or ‘I don’t agree that prayer is a transgression’. Several people we’ve met during our research have associated the word ‘transgression’ with The Lord’s … Continue reading “Prayer as transgression?”

How did we come to study prayer in Canadian and British hospitals?

This project on prayer in hospital settings in Canada and Britain is part serendipity and part long-term planning. Serendipity as we had not been planning to study prayer as a specific spiritual practice until there was a call for research on new directions in the study of prayer a few years ago. That got Sonya … Continue reading “How did we come to study prayer in Canadian and British hospitals?”

How do you define prayer?

Prayer is an ancient practice and like other spiritual concepts is difficult to define. Although there is some disciplinary variance, the general understanding is that prayer involves connection between humans and the divine. Our interest in the expression of prayer in health care includes the prevalence, the conceptualizations, and the varied forms it takes. Already … Continue reading “How do you define prayer?”

1 room, 4 beds, 4 residents, 4 religions, 4 languages

It’s springtime in Vancouver and we’ve begun data collection in various healthcare settings. Located in a leafy green neighbourhood, we visited a residential care home where we were introduced to two of the chaplains, one who showed us the Sacred Spaces that residents have access to. During this tour, she told us about the range … Continue reading “1 room, 4 beds, 4 residents, 4 religions, 4 languages”