‘Nice one’ – but why at the end of the list (and just at the end of life)?

NICE – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – is an English special health authority and non-government public body. It is tasked, amongst other things, to reduce variation in the availability and quality of NHS treatments and care in England, and also provides services to other governments within the United Kingdom. In March … Continue reading “‘Nice one’ – but why at the end of the list (and just at the end of life)?”

Platform 5

On Saturday morning, I interviewed Martha (pseudonym), a spiritual care volunteer. As I walked to meet her, I was struck by the hospital’s peacefulness compared to during the weekdays when it is much busier. During our walking interview, Martha showed me the ward that she visits most weekends. This is where she comes to pray … Continue reading “Platform 5”

Prayer as transgression?

The question, ‘prayer as transgression?’, which is the title of our project, has often been read as a statement. The question itself has raised various responses including, ‘prayer is not negative’ or ‘I don’t agree that prayer is a transgression’. Several people we’ve met during our research have associated the word ‘transgression’ with The Lord’s … Continue reading “Prayer as transgression?”