Prayer and Violence

We express our deep sympathies to the worshippers at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Quebec City, where violence struck during prayer. We stand in solidarity with people around the world who fear violence because of their beliefs and practices.

Through a glass, colourfully: on the arts in a London hospital

Contributed by Melania Calestani, PhD Research Associate It is another busy Thursday in our London hospital. People go up and down the escalators. Behind the reception area, in the foyer on the ground floor, a rock and roll band is performing today. It does not feel like we are in a hospital; the atrium with … Continue reading “Through a glass, colourfully: on the arts in a London hospital”

How did we come to study prayer in Canadian and British hospitals?

This project on prayer in hospital settings in Canada and Britain is part serendipity and part long-term planning. Serendipity as we had not been planning to study prayer as a specific spiritual practice until there was a call for research on new directions in the study of prayer a few years ago. That got Sonya … Continue reading “How did we come to study prayer in Canadian and British hospitals?”

How do you define prayer?

Prayer is an ancient practice and like other spiritual concepts is difficult to define. Although there is some disciplinary variance, the general understanding is that prayer involves connection between humans and the divine. Our interest in the expression of prayer in health care includes the prevalence, the conceptualizations, and the varied forms it takes. Already … Continue reading “How do you define prayer?”

Do Canadians Pray?

The Angus Reid Institute (a public opinion poll) released the results of a poll in May 2016 on the prevalence of prayer among Canadians.  No, we did not commission this poll but it could not have been more timely, the very month we started our fieldwork on this project on the expression of prayer in … Continue reading “Do Canadians Pray?”