Announcing Project Report

We are excited to announce the launch of our Project Report!  The Report is entitled When Prayer Shows Up:  The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare.  Please find it here: REPORT. This Report is intended to inform the practices and policies of healthcare professionals, spiritual care practitioners, administrators, policy-makers, educators, and other stakeholders. Ten key findings … Continue reading “Announcing Project Report”

Prayer, People- and Person-Centredness

 Those who participated in our project on prayer in hospitals often spoke about the importance of being respectful of what the patient would desire, in relation to prayer. In our analyses, we interpreted this stance as being person-centred. As it turned out, person-centredness was the most referenced node in our NVivoTM qualitative data analysis software. … Continue reading “Prayer, People- and Person-Centredness”

Prayer at work

Workplace spirituality has developed as a movement in the last decade or two to encompass the religious accommodation required by legislation (i.e., the employer is required to make reasonable accommodation for an employee’s religious practice or observance), the diversity management spawned as workforces become more diverse, and a philosophy that tending to human values (such … Continue reading “Prayer at work”

The ambiguities of nurses and prayer

We are interviewing nurses, doctors, and social workers (along with spiritual health practitioners) as part of our project, “Prayer as Transgression?” (See about project).  I’ve been intrigued with the responses of nurses because of my own identity as a nurse and nurse educator.  I am aware that there are great variations in what nurses (and … Continue reading “The ambiguities of nurses and prayer”

Situated Knowledges: Reflections from the Field

I am in London for a fieldwork immersion at our London hospital research sites.  Conducting research in two countries, in two global cities, is turning out to offer rich points of view that can be very fruitful as heuristic to understand one’s own context. I have been struggling for an Archimedean point – that impossible … Continue reading “Situated Knowledges: Reflections from the Field”

Contemplative Practices and Prayer

I recently attended an intriguing conference presentation on contemplative pedagogy that left me wondering about the relationship between the contemplative practices and prayer (thanks to my colleagues at UVic Nursing – Drs. Anne Bruce, Deborah Thoun, and Coby Tschanz — who got me thinking!).  The presenters featured the resources of CMind, the Center for Contemplative … Continue reading “Contemplative Practices and Prayer”